FAST Solutions Onsite

Our distribution system has been built from the ground up to provide local inventory and service at virtually any global location — including YOUR facility. Through an Onsite partnership, we'll bring our experts, products, and solutions within your four walls, driving cost savings and productivity gains in every corner of your business.

A supply chain is by definition a means to an end. But it can also be a tether that holds your business back, by causing delays, creating waste, and consuming limited resources that could be used to invest, improve, and grow.

As a strategic supplier, our job is to turn those inefficiencies into opportunities, helping you free up time, talent, and cash for the things that truly define who you are as a company – things like quality, innovation, employee development, and customer service.

This commitment can include an onsite solution, where we invest in a Fastenal servicing location solely dedicated to your operation. With this partnership approach, we align our strengths with your challenges, bringing decades of supply chain experience and proven solutions to help you unlock resources, operate more efficiently, and achieve things that seem out of reach today.

Is an onsite service model right for you?

If so, what would your program look like?

Rather than dictating pre-determined answers, our job is to listen, collaborate, and tailor a solution that aligns with your operation, your culture, and your goals.

The journey begins with a benchmarking exercise to identify challenges and objectives, analyze your current process, and assess the value we can provide as a supply chain partner. The takeaway is a business plan for a more efficient future state, including performance metrics that reflect your business priorities.

Moving in the same direction

Each solution is unique in terms of staffing, size, and scope, but all share three defining characteristics: dedicated personnel, consigned inventory, and a true partnership mindset, moving beyond an adversarial buyer/seller paradigm (marked by win-lose negotiations, short-term thinking, and a narrow focus on contractual terms) to pursue common goals, open communication, and shared success.

Lean Solutions Specialists

Bringing deep expertise in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, value engineering, and system design and implementation.

Fastening Application Engineers

Ready to solve problems, suggest improvements, and provide insight into the science behind bolted joint applications.

Safety Specialists

A set of expert eyes to spot potential incidents, citations, and cost savings opportunities.

Global Sourcing

Turnkey importing of engineered products, including factory audits, quality inspections, and logistics.

Quality Assurance

Anchored by our ISO 9001 operations, multiple A2LA labs, and some of the industry’s foremost quality experts.


A suite of solutions to bring efficiency, visibility, and control to indirect supplies.

Manufacturing & Industrial Services

We don’t just sell products. We can make, modify, and refurbish them to meet your unique requirements.

Vendor Consultations

Drawing on our supplier partnerships to assist with product trials, trainings, and special projects.

Third-Party Logistics

Utilize our outbound trucks to transport product at a significantly lower cost.


Eliminating waste, capturing time, and measuring the impact.


Analyzing and adapting to maintain an efficient supply flow in the face of shifting production needs.


Reflecting your unique needs, priorities, and goals.


Challenging convention and continually seeking a better way.


Instilling lasting improvements and long-term value; bringing solutions aligned with your social and environmental goals.


Enabling you to focus on what matters most to your business.